About Us

Our product line consists of indicator lights, cockpit lights, cargo bay flood lights, annunciators, navigation and position lights, instrument post lights, eyebrow lights, instrument bezels, flip filters and push button switches. NVIS compatible lighting is available and most items can accommodate LED or incandescent lamps. Design specifications include NVIS MIL-L-85762A, MS25027 Cockpit Lights, MS25041 and MS25331 Press-to-test Indicator Lights. Our product line encompasses all of the part numbers under Cage Codes 57810, 0N7F4 and 1SG29.

If you cannot find the right component to fit your application in our standard product line or if you are looking for an obsolete item, our experienced engineering staff will work with you to meet your exact requirements. Our goal is to provide products and support to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability required by our customers.

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